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A quest for children of all ages

“We sing a tale of bears who sought a gem,

a pirate’s treasure lost for centuries.

Three brown and one translucent bear left home

to sail to where the ice wall meets the sea.

An albatross bore messages of hope.

A panda bear needs rescue from the seals!

The penguins guard the treasure in the ice,

a gemstone of the heavens, without price.”

Professor Rachel Fulton Brown reads Act I: The Net
Colleen Coggins takes us behind the scenes with her drawing!
Drawing lesson with Colleen Coggins, our illustrator!
What did the bears find when they sailed into the deep?

I have never been more excited about a book in my entire life. After following the Dragon Common Room on their telegram channel, this book exceeded expectations and anticipation! A feel good story! The Christianity and symbology their minds created is a masterpiece filled with everything good, true, and beautiful. A delight for everyone, young and old. Plus, the poetry sings to your soul on every page!

I love that this is an epic for children, yet the literary techniques used to construct the writing style are complex. The acts are like chapters. Since some pages have less pictures on them than others this is helpful if one would like a break with your children and return again with ease. However, honestly we could not put it down!

The kids instinctively learn the meter (iambic pentameter).
As easy as it is to sit down, pick it up, and wonder! Additionally this tale will enrich vocabulary through rhymes and other linguistic phenomena.

I'm buying this book for all my loved ones as a family heirloom for generations to come. Enjoy the journey!

— Mel Wiggin, Amazon review, December 24, 2021

Why we wrote this poem

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Feel inspired? We have COLORING PAGES!

Want to learn more? We have STUDY GUIDES!

Want to train little ones in the arts of language and meter?



DANIEL F., age 8

An adventure story that is very well-written, and it has morals that are very true. I would rate it 5-stars. I like it like the Greeks liked Homer. Has some jokes but not too many! Good for ages 6 and up. Aurora Bearialis is a great book!

MARY K., age 11

I think the book is great. Four bears on a journey to see the Southern Lights! A polar bear and his friends face an exciting and dangerous quest, cheeky seals and stern penguins. It is a good story for all ages with lessons and morals and good illustrations for colouring in.

THOMAS F., age 11

I think this is a charming story, and while it isn't a baby book, it is suitable for younger readers. The poetic style, plot, and morals are all really good. If you like non-violent adventure stories, this book is just right for you!

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