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Bold Christian Writing by Kilts Khalfan

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K!LT$'s Substack

The Catechism of Candace Owens

March 28, 2024

Getting to the roots of this week’s Black-Jewish culture war


Vending Machine Diaries

Normans in Paris

July 13, 2023

The internet is raging over France. Everybody has declared that it is a race war. This is it for the Frogs: the diversity immigrants have finally snapped; the compatible Africans are finally being honest about their hatred of the White French and they’re burning down the country. It’s over, this is the End. Well, if that’s the whole story then we have nothing to talk about. But I’m not that way inclined, I like stories.


Draco Alchemicus

Storytime is the Art War

May 23, 2023

We live in a planetary Art War. Want proof? Look at what is paraded in front of children in the name of Art in 2023.

Vending Machine Diaries

People of the Cross

October 20, 2022

Queen Candace sent her homeboy on a mission. No, I‘m not talking about Candace Owen convincing Ye to buy Parler.


Why Gender Restoration is the Culture War

Talking Our Way Out of Rocky Horror

May 31, 2022

Will there be any culture left when the culture war is over? Our culture is what we hand on to our children, but the West isn’t having children.


Vending Machine Diaries

Vending Machine People

April 20, 2022

Westerners live in a corporation, not in nations. We have flags, but we have no idea who we are anymore.

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