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Prayerful works of the Christian imagination, in verse

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Aurora Bearialis.jpg

A polar bear swam North to South alone.

Along the voyage three bears joined his quest

to find the source of joyous Light—it shone!

—and rescue Panda at a bird’s behest.

Uncharted waters swarmed with beasts unknown,

but bears were brave, strength beat inside their chests.

Through mighty winds and storms our bears prevailed

to climb the Ice Wall, where their souls were hailed.

PUB DATE November 30, 2021

ISBN 978-0-578-32162-9

82 pages

FORMAT: E-book

LIST PRICE: $19.99 


PUB DATE November 30, 2021

ISBN 978-0-578-32162-2

78 pages

FORMAT: Hardcover

LIST PRICE: $24.99

Available worldwide from all good booksellers in both ebook and hardcover formats.


A Modern Dunciad

Creating vicious satire out of brazen madness might be considered a foolish quest. But that is exactly what the Dragon Common Room decided to do, entirely in iambic pentameter. Centrism Games follows five ambitious and profane companies of knights on an inglorious crusade to serve the cruel and intoxicating goddess Fama. Sparing no expense to please her, each would-be champion contends to win the greatest prize of all: absolute immunity from being caught on either side of the political divide.

The first work of the DCR project, Centrism Games depicts in bloody detail the twisted machinations and comic horrors of our amoral social quest for virtue in an era of extreme tolerance. Based on the heroic form of Alexander Pope’s mock-epic Dunciad, this tale of anti-chivalry is for adults with the stomach to question their personal idols, revealing the games we play to stay in safely in the centre.

PUB DATE: March 21, 2021

ISBN: 978-0-578-87081-6

94 pages

FORMAT: Paperback, E-book


Available worldwide from all good booksellers in both ebook and paperback formats.



Sean Salai, Washington Times

As part of what she calls a bid to save Western civilization through preserving the English language... reflecting the poetry of the Middle Ages, all of the group’s work comes from an explicitly Christian worldview.

Joe Long, “Dunces in the Center”

Centrism Games goes beyond defiance... With this poem, Brown’s disciples lay waste to social pretensions and return from their foray with laughter.

Tyler Cook, “The Portly Politico”

One wouldn’t think the more esoteric realm of medieval history would be a major battleground for the ultra-woke, but it makes sense: the modern West is profoundly a product of the Middle Ages.

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