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Public lectures, video appearances, and other activities 

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Hope is Fuel: Catholic on Purpose

Featuring Professor Rachel Fulton Brown

This Signature Catholic Course brings together more than 40 expert speakers to tackle the hot button issues and vexing challenges faced by Catholics (and all Christians) today. Catholic On Purpose is not apologetics, but the practical application of our Faith, providing real solutions to the problems faced by disciples of Jesus Christ every day. At its core, Catholic on Purpose will help you to think with the mind of Christ, and bring about more truth, more intentionality, and more hope.

With so much uncertainty in the world, Catholics have a great gift in the truth, wisdom, and beauty offered in the fullness of the Faith. Join us as we unpack Catholicism in a personal, practical, and transformative way.

This Signature Catholic Course releases on May 24th, 2023. Use the code FENCINGBEAR20 at checkout to save $20. Just go to to learn more and register.

BasedCon III, September 8-10, 2023

Featuring Professor Rachel Fulton Brown

BasedCon is a gathering for authors and fans of science fiction and fantasy who love their craft and want to have fun.

This will be RFB’s third year attending BasedCon to talk about things sub-creative. Past talks have included instructions on making magic rings and writing poetry about dragons. Dragons, jewels, and the levels of meaning in Scripture are likely to feature again.


Beware—you may be asked to learn to scan!

Registration, conference philosophy, and full schedule at BasedCon

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