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09 Architecture of Memory.jpg
09 The Architecture of Memory

What does it mean to remember your history as a nation? In the wake of the Queen's passing this week, we discuss the pageantry and architecture of our civilization and what role the Church has in the mythology of the world. Or rather, what role does the World have in the history of the Church?

—Streamed September 21, 2022 (UATV; YouTube)

Galadriel's Journey.jpg
08 Galadriel's Journey

Why is Galadriel in Armor so repulsive? RFB and Kilts talk about smashing the patriarchy with Tolkien and uncover some surprising similarities between the Feminist Heroine's Journey in The Rings of Power and Saint Joan of Arc. 

—Streamed September 14, 2022 (UATV; YouTube)

Vending Machine People Part Two.jpg
07 Vending Machine People Part Two

The Professor returns from her mother's basement with tales of the road. We ride the rivers of the US Interstates to their source in the mythhistory of the Nile and discover the wizardry on which the Empire of the English has depended. Drinks all round, if you know where to find the recipe! Don't look now, but that man behind the curtain is selling something. 

—Streamed September 7, 2022 (UATV; YouTube)

Vending Machine People Purple.jpg
06 Vending Machine People Part One

The Professor decided that she needed the lived experience of being a streamer in her mom’s basement, and she and Kilts begin the journey to unpack Vending Machine People. They break the Internet when highlighting the Western obsession with obelisks and why the phenomenon of Rachel Dolezal is connected to the Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt. There were tech glitches. Part Two to come.

—Streamed August 31, 2022 (UATV; YouTube)

How to Pray the Rosary.jpg
05 How to Pray the Rosary

Why is everyone so afraid of the Rosary? Why do beads have everybody spooked? In this episode of the Mosaic Ark, Professor Brown talks about her scandalous decision to study Christianity from the “lived experience” of the medieval people and culture she spent her career researching. Why is the lived experience of Medieval Christians so terrifying to the Modern World? Join us to discover the history and practice of ancient Christian devotion, where we dare to Hail Mary with the Art of Prayer.

—Streamed August 24, 2022 (UATV; YouTube)

Christ the Lover Knight.jpg
04 Christ the Lover-Knight and the Chivalry of Salvation

Once upon a time, there was a knight who betrothed himself to a beautiful princess. Before they could be married, however, she was captured and imprisoned by a thief. Who was this knight, and how did he rescue his bride? And what happens when the bride herself puts on the armor? Spoiler alert: you won’t want to miss Kilts’s internet gender reveal! Fully illustrated. 

—Streamed August 19, 2022 (UATV; YouTube)

Radio for Speaking to God.jpg
03 The Ark of the Lord

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? Our sound test takes us on a perilous quest through the Scriptures, looking for traces of Our Lady. We scour the cosmopolitan wilderness of the ancient world and visit Solomon with the Queen of Sheba. Who is the Woman of Apocalypse 12, and what does she have to do with the Ark of the Tabernacle?

—Streamed August 16, 2022 (UATV; YouTube)

02 Sound Test with Habacuc

The Pirate and the Pigeon raid the stream to test their sound and light. The first lesson is from the book of Habacuc—the Lord has beams in his hands! We may have talked about how Christians abandoned the academic frontlines when they should have been reading the Scriptures, and how not paying enough attention to the Lord of the psalms renders us unpoetical and boring. Still working on getting our sound just right.


—Streamed August 14, 2022 (UATV exclusive)

01 The Grammar of the Internet

Kilts Khalfan flies in from Australia like an electric pigeon to translate Professorspeak into the grammar of the Internet. We take a deep dive into Marshall McLuhan's arguments about the power of the media and demonstrate through poetry how liturgy keeps Christians anchored in space and time. Sing with the Angel of Silesia of the Crystal Incarnate that glows with the Light of the Word!


—Streamed August 12, 2022 (UATV; YouTube)

00 Tech Test with Riverrun

Motherboarder Mel joins me and Kilts Khalfan for a wild ride through our tech setup. Watch for wombats on the riverrun. There will be thunder.

—Streamed August 10, 2022 (UATV; YouTube)

Mosaic Ark 10 Anglonationalism.jpg
10 Anglonationalism

The internet is buzzing with the fear of a Mussolini in heels, as Italy has elected a radical woman who likes family. What did a family mean to ancient Romans and how does Modern World define the tribe and clan and nation? In this episode RFB reveals the hidden nations of the United States of America, and Kilts learns about Scottish kilts while wearing Tonto makeup. She couldn't find a dead bird.

—Streamed September 28, 2022 (UATV; YouTube)