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“A product of the on-the-edges cultural renaissance burbling up out of covid times, Aurora Bearialis is one of the most beautiful, original and charming books I have ever encountered. It is, by the way, a Christian children’s book modeled on medieval romance, brought into the world by a group of poets who meet online (group chat on Telegram), and by historian Rachel Fulton Brown.” 


Sandwhiches to Go

Bold Christian Writing by Kilts Khalfan

Extending from her digital art studio (The Sandwhich Press), Kilts also publishes on Gab News and Substack. Her commentary provides a bird’s eye view on a spectrum of topics, with a focus on Western Civilization.

Idolatry and (Conservative/Liberal) Politics: The Hidden Path

Kilts joined the Foundationist Society’s Carbon Mike to cohost a Space on X, and they talk idolatry and Conservative politics. What kind of moral vision do Conservatives have for the New World? Are demographics destiny and if so, what defines a demographic? Can Christian Nationalism fix the problems we face, or is it another kind of idolatry? Tune in to a discussion of the dynamics of ballot box vs. the altar.


—Streamed December 20, 2023 on X@futureradiocast

Kiltz sits down with us again to talk about what's happening in France (and around the world), the notion of race, homage, and so much more. — August 9, 2023

Kilts Khalfan is back! John and Kilts talk modern culture, femininity, tradition and what the future holds for unique cultures. An excellent overview of modernity and what it means for all us Old Worlders out there. — October 27, 2022

Today John talks with Kilts Khalfan (a pen name) to talk about how the West has lost its nations and instead adopted the corporation as its uniting principle. In effect, the West has become populated with Vending Machine People. Today is a dive into that idea. — June 20, 2022

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“And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, so must the Son of man be lifted up: that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting.”

John 3:14-15
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