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Alchemical Storytelling for the Electric Mosaic

Making the Old New


A mystical exploration of the electric mosaic with Rachel Fulton Brown and Kilts Khalfan


A dragon slayer has entered the City of Light...

In the great mosaic of glass and light, a Dragon rules a merchant empire. The ships carry every treasure—metals, oils, and precious stones—to his hoard. But nothing is more precious to the Dragon than spice.

Spices intoxicate. They transform. They power the empire like a dynamo.

Ruled by this alchemy, the City raves endlessly. And nobody can resist the magic.

Until one evening a pirate arrives on shore.

From the ether the stranger takes form, intent on raiding the Dragon’s hoard. For this great serpent has captured something even more precious than spice: the beloved of the king.

The king has come to slay the Dragon and reclaim his bride. But can he resist the magic?

Draco Alchemicus is a poetic trip through the mosaic of light.


Are you ready to fly into the rainbow with the pigeons and rave?

Mr. Stone and Ms. Drake.jpg

An electric faërie tale, in five acts

1. The Casino

2. The Court

3. The Market

4. The Carnival

5. The Wedding

In rainbow time, when dragons hoarded gold

and pirates sailed the seas in search of spice,

a city shimmered with electric cold,

its storerooms stocked with precious merchandise,

where dreams were bought and sold at dealers’ price.

A court convened, ruled by a sovereign snake

whose virtue was to capture slaves with vice.

No spells could bind the alchemical Drake,

until one day a stranger came, its spells to break.


He raids the City at the gate of night,

a humble pigeon nestled at his breast,

for he has come to play the game of light

against the darkness of the Dragon’s breath

and win his love back from the jaws of death.

A faerie Queen has seized the merchants’ trove

and calls herself by name Elizabeth.

The pirate King comes forth with hound and dove;

he goes to war to slay the snake and claim his love.


Aurora Bearialis.jpg

The open sea calls God's creatures to a great adventure!

In their polar fjord surrounded by the glory of the northern Aurora, four young bears are visited by their eccentric friend — an albatross named Abner — who calls them to follow him to discover the unknown land of the Southern Lights.

As the bears sail towards the Antipodes, they discover danger, friends, and foes along the way. The bears must work together to overcome their fears and unveil the mystery of the Aurora Australis.

In the mythical tradition of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia Chronicles, this is a tale for children who dare to imagine the world beyond the great Ice Wall.

Join the bears for a joyful adventure to the edge of the earth and home again!

Click on the map for trailer.

Want to peek behind the scenes? 


Crystal Dragons.jpg

“Within the darkest earth, the Great Light glows.”

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