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The open sea calls God's creatures to a great adventure!

In their polar fjord surrounded by the glory of the northern Aurora, four young bears are visited by their eccentric friend — an albatross named Abner — who calls them to follow him to discover the unknown land of the Southern Lights.

As the bears sail towards the Antipodes, they discover danger, friends, and foes along the way. The bears must work together to overcome their fears and unveil the mystery of the Aurora Australis.

In the mythical tradition of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia Chronicles, this is a tale for children who dare to imagine the world beyond the great Ice Wall.

Join the bears for a joyful adventure to the edge of the earth and home again!

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DANIEL F., age 8

An adventure story that is very well-written, and it has morals that are very true. I would rate it 5-stars. I like it like the Greeks liked Homer. Has some jokes but not too many! Good for ages 6 and up. Aurora Bearialis is a great book!

MARY K., age 11

I think the book is great. Four bears on a journey to see the Southern Lights! A polar bear and his friends face an exciting and dangerous quest, cheeky seals and stern penguins. It is a good story for all ages with lessons and morals and good illustrations for colouring in.

THOMAS F., age 11

I think this is a charming story, and while it isn't a baby book, it is suitable for younger readers. The poetic style, plot, and morals are all really good. If you like non-violent adventure stories, this book is just right for you!